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Increasing engine power and torque values ​​is achieved by exploitation the latent performance reserves existing in the factory configuration of the car. This process does not compromise on operating reliability the vehicle or the service life of the engine or its auxiliaries. Because we place a special emphasis on the quality and transparency of our services, all performance enhancements include measurement of the vehicle on the dyno stand, for an accurate quantification of the values ​​obtained. proposes engine optimization to increase power and torque, while at the same time pursuing a significant reduction in fuel and emissions. This is possible by implementing some specific ECO Tuning tuning, an operation that only seeks to reduce fuel consumption. Optimization is not designed for abusive use, and seeks increased efficiency for a cleaner, cleaner engine.

DPF Off is a process designed to separate diesel particulates or dirt from exhaust gases from a diesel engine. Particle filters usually remove 85% or more of soot, and under certain conditions, they can achieve 100% efficiency. This is done by programming the engine (when the filter is full) in a manner that increases the exhaust temperature, along with an additional fuel injector from the exhaust stream that injects the fuel to burn the accumulated soot.

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