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About Us

Why choose chiptuning by Exelixis Motorsport?

Exelixis Motorsport is a Greek investment combined with the Romanian ingenuity.
The purpose of Exelixis Motorsport is to offer the opportunity to approach complex projects and complete them within the company.

We start from the stage of advice for the purchase of parts, we offer possibilities for the assembly or customization of the pieces in our workshop.


Before your change, your vehicle is tested to know the real power.
After the settings are optimized, they are controlled in real time on our power measurement stand.
This also allows you to determine your power and torque gains as well as reduce fuel consumption.

Choose the quality and know-how of a ChipTuning company. This operation, if not performed by professionals, involves engine hazards.

Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, Skoda, Renault, Ford, Bmw, Mercedes, are just some of the cars whose engine we are improving through ChipTuning.

Various possibilities

Besides the ChipTuning option, Exelixis Motorsport offers you various possibilities to improve the performance of your car. Are you looking for a performance evacuation, an air intake system or just a simple air filter?

Visit exelixis.ro in order to purchase performance pieces that develop your vehicle’s specifications.